Gomes Want to Bring Madura United Minimal Finis in the Big Three

Gomes Want to Bring Madura United Minimal Finis in the Big Three

Competition League 1 live leaving nine games. Currently, Madura United is still ranked fifth standings with a total collection of 45 points Situs Judi.

They are still eight points adrift of the top standings Bhayangkara FC, who collected 53 points with one more game.

For the sake of remaining a mission to compete in the top, Madura United was trying to aim achievement maximum points during a visit to the headquarters Persegres Gresik United, Tuesday (26/09/2016) night.

“Actually every team would want a champion, we still have a chance to win the rest of the game,” said Madura United coach, Gomes de Oliviera, Monday (25/09/2017).

However, with the fewer remaining games that will be served as well as the magnitude of the points gap with the teams above them, Gomes and Madura United squad began to try to be more realistic, with minimal aiming at the top three in the final standings.

“Our goal is very clear for top-breakers,” said Gomes. “The important thing is that we have to be big three, at least, we have to work hard for it, I’m sure we can.

Only, there is a small note that accompanies the struggle of Gomes and protégés, especially when facing the lower teams, like Persegres who inhabit the relegation zone.

Because, when meeting Perseru Serui who also inhabit the relegation zone, Madura United even had a defeat.

“Maybe the players are less concentrated, less prepared to face the game (against bottom teams) .The difference with the big team opponents, they are preparing steadily,” he said.

Gomes ensures it will not be repeated in the face of Persegres, although they will play away.

“However, for tomorrow I am sure they will fight and concentrate fully, it is clear that they have to bring Madura to the top three, so they have to win tomorrow,” he said.

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