League 2: Persebaya Please-Please Worry Meet Persiwa

League 2: Persebaya Please-Please Worry Meet Persiwa

Coming to the Round of 16 League 2, Persebaya Surabaya wary of Persiwa Wamena, if you meet in the round, exactly mid-September. Vigilance is well-founded, because Persiwa Wamena itself has a reputation and exceptional experience in Indonesian football.

Manager Persebaya, Chairul Basalamah said, if you meet a team from Java, he did not worry. But if you have to deal with Persiwa Wamena, to watch out for is everything.

The reason Persiwa including teams that have unique characteristics. Both in terms of player character to the style of play in every game.

Not only that, many non-technical things that need extra preparation, such as field adaptation if travel to Wamena, travel and expenses.

In addition, Persebaya will be more outspoken energy when meeting Persiwa. “So players have to prepare more if in the round of 16 large Persebaya meet this team, although currently Persiwa Wamena more often use Gelora Delta Sidoarjo for homebase in the second round,” said this bespectacled manager.

“We are always wary, because the competition in League 2 is quite strict.Whatever the results later we must be careful,” he explained.

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